Elkton Maryland Child Custody Lawyers

Do you live in Cecil County, Maryland and are going through difficult issues related to child custody, visitation or child custody modification? Please bear in mind that you have rights, interests and so do your children. Child custody issues can be incredibly draining and warrant the help of an experienced family law attorney.

From our two locations in Maryland, we represent parents in family law and divorce matters. Our Maryland child custody lawyers have over 25 years of experience behind you when protecting your parental rights to child custody and visitation. Contact our Elkton child custody lawyers today to discuss how they can help you.

Putting Your Child’s Best Interests First

Courts throughout Maryland and the nation have adopted the position that what is best for the children takes precedence over the desires of parents. In most family law cases, courts hold that having a strong relationship with both parents is in the best interests of a child. Courts achieve this by awarding parents with shared custody, where both parents are involved in major decisions such as decisions related to education and health care. While the child will have a single primary residence in most cases, with the parent awarded physical custody, the courts strive often for a fifty-fifty split of time and responsibility.

However, our office sees cases every day where one parent must fight to maintain sole custody over the children, and in these cases, you need our Cecil County Maryland child custody lawyers who know how to represent your crucial interests and litigate on your behalf. Particularly in situations where there exists:

  • Child Abuse Including Emotional, Physical and Verbal
  • Substance Abuse
  • A Significant Criminal Record
  • A History of Neglect
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Child Neglect
  • Child Endangerment

In cases where there is reason to believe the child may be unsafe in the custody of one parent, having an effective Maryland child custody lawyer on your side to protect your rights and the best interests of your children is critical. Even if you have a previous custody arrangement, we can explore child custody modification options to ensure that your kids are in the best hands.

A Lawyer Focused on Solutions

When you are working through the family law courts, you want an attorney on your side who is working toward providing you with the best possible outcome. You want solutions, not more problems. Our Maryland child custody lawyer has built a strong reputation for providing answers, exploring options and building creative strategies. Whether litigating in court or negotiating with the other side, we can help.

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