Maryland Traffic Crimes

Like most of states along the Eastern Seaboard, millions of vehicles travel on our roads every year. Served by Interstate 95 and Route 40, millions of people drive through our communities every year; commercial drivers, visitors, tourists, people just passing through, commuters trying to get to work, recreational drivers, motorcyclists, among countless others.

Not surprisingly, along with these congested Maryland roads, highways and interstates come countless opportunities to issue citations for traffic violations. Oftentimes, there are cases when you should stand up and fight the citation, and the traffic crimes attorneys at The Law Offices of John P. Downs in, Bel Air, Elkton and Havre De Grace can help you do that.

Experienced Attorneys Handling Traffic Crimes

The benefit of having an experienced attorney review your traffic violation and citation before you “just pay the ticket” is that we may be able to point to affordable alternatives that don’t involve costly fines and points on your driving record. Some of the types of traffic crimes we handle are:


Driving without insurance

Driving while revoked

Driving while suspended


Juvenile DUI/DWI

DUI/DWI with child in vehicle

CDL holder traffic crimes

Distracted driving

Hit and run

Vehicular assault

Vehicular homicide/manslaughter

Having drugs and weapons in vehicle

Leaving the scene of an accident

No matter what type of traffic case you are facing call our team of Elkton traffic ticket lawyers today for a free consultation.

Defenses In Maryland Traffic Violation Cases

There are a number of questions we think about when reviewing your citation:

  • Was the stop valid?
  • Can we challenge the validity of the ticket itself?
  • Is the officer’s account and description accurate?
  • Was all equipment calibrated properly?
  • Did the officer use proper procedure during the stop?
  • Did the officer issue the ticket based on radar, observation or pacing?
  • Could we get reduced charges or penalties from a judge?
  • Can you get reduced charges or expungement by taking a class?

Our Bel Air Maryland traffic violation lawyers understand that not everyone feels the benefits of fighting a speeding ticket or other traffic violation are worth the time and expense. We believe that when you take into account the points on your record, higher insurance rates every month, and the fines and penalties themselves, it may be worth taking advantage of our free initial consultation to simply review your ticket.

For other people, such as those whose professional career demands a clean driving record or who are facing more serious issues such as driving while suspended or DUI charges, there are clear benefits to discussing your case with a lawyer.

Maryland MVA Point System

If you commit traffic crimes, traffic violations or are cited for traffic offenses in Maryland the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will add points to your driving record. They operate on a point system like most other states. Accruing a certain number of points will generally lead to Maryland MVA penalties and actions against your driver’s license/driving privileges. You may need to pay reinstatement fees, court fines, complete a driver improvement course, or drive with certain restrictions.

If you have specific questions about your driving record or MD driver’s license, please contact an experienced Elkton, Maryland traffic violations attorney to discuss your rights and how to protect them.

In Maryland, all moving violation offenses are assigned a point value. You must be convicted of the offense for the points to go into effect on your driving record. The higher the number, the more weight the offense has against your record (and ultimately your bank account).

Point accumulation remains on your Maryland driving record indefinitely.

Accumulating 3 to 4 points over 2 years will result in the Maryland MVA issuing a written caution. The warning is just a friendly heads-up that accruing another infraction will result in more stern measures.

Receive 5 to 7 points in 2 years and the MVA will require you to you sign up for a Points System Conference (PSC) and/or complete a driver improvement program (DIP). The programs are offered by various third-party providers across the state and the fees vary with each.

When you tally 8 to 11 points in 2 years, you might start questioning whether you are becoming a detriment to the road. You will have plenty of time to ponder because, at this point, the Maryland MVA will suspend your driver’s license.

Hitting the high-water mark, or accruing at least 12 points in 2 years, will result in the MVA sending out a “notice of revocation.” You will be asked to relinquish your driver’s license to an MVA office and once the revocation period expires you’ll have to apply for a new license.

What you may deem as rather strict punishment, the state sees as concern for the greater good. So when you tip the total at as little as 3 points within 2 years, you most likely will see a form of action taken, albeit not a harsh one. Exceed that by much more and watch out―you just might end up enrolled in driving reform school.


Points per Offense in Maryland
Most moving infractions that do not cause an accident are assessed minimum points only. Maryland has a comprehensive list of offenses and their point assignments, but here is a quick overview of the most frequent:

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI).
Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
Unlawful use of your MD driver’s license.
Loaning or borrowing a driver’s license.

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