Underage Possession Lawyer Cecil & Harford County Maryland

In Maryland, if you are under 21, and are caught with alcohol in your possession you can be arrested for underage possession of alcohol or, minor in possession. This is a very common crime committed on college campuses in Maryland. Being caught underage and intoxicated, trying to purchase alcohol or possessing alcoholic beverages is a crime that can exert severe consequences on your future, your driving privileges and your ability to get and keep a job. If you have been caught with alcohol or alcoholic beverages in your possession in Maryland you should consult with a skilled Elkton Minor In Possession Lawyer.

Penalties For Underage Possession In Maryland

A Minor In Possession charge in Maryland is a misdemeanor. If you are arrested and convicted of a minor in possession charge in Maryland there are legal and financial consequences you will have to face. For a first offense MIP you may have your driving privileges suspended for up to one year. If you were drinking and driving at the time of the arrest the consequences will be even more severe. The fines and penalties for a Maryland Minor In Possession charge increase with each subsequent offense under Maryland law.

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