elkton marijuana possession lawyersElkton Marijuana Possession Lawyers

Marijuana is a very common street drug used in Maryland. It can be easily found at Maryland bars, parties, beaches and college campuses. Despite it being so common it is still illegal to use, or be in possession of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia. If you have been arrested for being in possession of marijuana in Cecil County or Harford County Maryland please call our Elkton marijuana possession lawyers familiar with Maryland marijuana possession laws.

Call Elkton marijuana possession lawyers to discuss your case. Their Elkton, Maryland criminal law office can be dialed at 410-398-0313. You can also click here to email Cecil County Cannabis Possession Lawyer John P. Downs. Let our Elkton, Maryland drug crime defense attorneys put their vast experience to work for you.

Maryland Marijuana Possession Laws

Marijuana possession is a misdemeanor in Maryland. This is regardless of the amount you are caught with. However if you are caught with over a certain amount you may face charges such as possession with intent to distribute. This charge carries with it significantly more serious legal consequences.

If you are convicted for possession of marijuana in Maryland you will face up to 1 year in jail and up to $1,000.00 in fines.

If you are facing any type of drug charge in Maryland, even a misdemeanor drug charge or drug paraphernalia charge, you need the help of our skilled and experienced Elkton drug possession defense attorneys.

How Our Elkton Marijuana Possession Lawyers Can Help You

A drug crime conviction in Maryland can result in fines, fees, possible jail time. possible probation and loss of driving privileges. If you are a college student your academic status can be jeopardized. With so much at stake it is not advisable that you attempt to navigate through the Maryland legal system alone. Call our Harford County Maryland Drug Possession Defense Attorney John P. Downs to discuss your rights. His office can be reached at 410-398-0313. You can also email Elkton marijuana possession lawyers here.