drug possession Maryland Drug Possession Laws

Possession of any illegal drugs is a serious offense in Maryland. Besides narcotics such as cocaine, heroin or marijuana, you may be sentenced to jail time if you are illegally in possession of prescription drugs such as OxyContin® or Vicodin. You may innocently carry these pills in a pill case, not realizing that authorities require you also carry a doctor’s prescription.

If you are arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, you need an experienced drug possession defense lawyer to protect your rights and work to minimize any potential sentence. It is important you contact the office of John P. Downs, Attorney at Law as soon as possible after your arrest.

Our Maryland drug possession defense attorneys have more than 30 years of experience providing drug possession defense. He knows the court, prosecutors and law enforcement well, and is ready to put that knowledge to work on your behalf with a vigorous defense.

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Experienced Drug Possession Defense

Our office takes a preemptive approach to drug possession defense. It may be possible to file a motion for a reduced sentence or dismissed charge, if our client agrees to participate in substance abuse treatment, and is willing to accept responsibility for his or her addictive behavior, including possession with intent to distribute.

We also explore supervised probation (also known as probation before judgement) as an alternative to having a criminal record, which can affect the following:

  • Your ability to hold a job
  • Your ability to qualify for and retain a professional license
  • Your freedom to live where you like

Our objective for every client is to achieve the best possible outcome, including plea bargains and trial defense. Our Maryland offices are only two miles away from I-95. contact ustoday for a free initial consultation about drug possession defense, or call toll-free 888-339-2808.

An Experienced, Respected Problem Solver

Our founding attorney began his extensive career working in the corporate sector, where he worked to generate creative solutions to resolve difficult problems. Turning those problem-solving skills toward his passion for the law, John P. Downs has accumulated over 17 years of litigation experience as a Maryland criminal defense lawyer.

Every case offers a unique opportunity to explore a full range of defense options and strategies. Put our reputation, experience and attention to work generating practical and creative solutions in your case.

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