drug duiPrescription or Recreational Drug DUI

A Maryland driving under the influence of drugs charge is the same as an alcohol induced DUI. Both are treated the same in the eyes of the law and both include fines, fees and penalties such as loss of driving privileges, possible probation and possible jail time. A DUI crime is a serious charge and warrants the aid of an experienced Cecil County Maryland drug dui attorney.

Having been practicing Criminal & DUI Law for a number of years in Harford County and Cecil County, Maryland, the attorneys at The Law Office of John P. Downs are fully qualified to represent those charged with non alcohol DUI’s. As the law considers any drug a narcotic they also group Drug induced DUI’s at the highest level of DUI offenses. However, a qualified drug DUI attorney knows that not every DUI arrest ends with being convicted. There are often plea deals or first time offender programs for those that qualify.

Drugs Commonly Associated With Drug DUI

In Maryland, there are numerous prescription drugs that can hinder ones motor skills to the point that their driving abilities are diminished. Any drug that induces calm and relaxation, relieves anxiety, eliminates pain or induces sleep should not be taken prior to driving. Common names or brands of these drugs are Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax, Valium, ‘Benzo’s’, Ambien, Lunesta, Phenergan & Flexeril.

Any & all recreational, street or illegal drugs impair ones driving ability. They can result in a drug induced drunk driving charge. Some common ones are cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamines, crack, uppers, downers, hash and speed. Also, prescription medications purchased on the street from a dealer and without a legal prescription can fall into this category.

How An Elkton DWI Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Being charged with a Drug DUI can be a very complicated legal ordeal. Bel Air, It can also be very time consuming and very inconvenient as your driving rights are suspended temporarily. MD DUI Lawyer John P. Downs is well equipped to handle your case. He know that a good DUI Drug lawyer completely examines evidence used against you for mistakes or technical flaws. Provided the medications are legally prescribed that will be reiterated to the prosecution. Mr. Downs will work relentlessly to demonstrate that the prescribed drug was taken as prescribed.

Contact a Skilled Maryland Drug DUI Lawyer

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