Maryland Wage Garnishment Laws

For many Maryland residents facing tough financial times is a very real issue. With an inability to keep your head above water financially you may be presented with numerous consequences such as creditor harassment, late payments on your credit report, foreclosure and others. One of the more serious scenarios you may be presented with is having your wages garnished, also referred to as attached wages. This can happen if any of your creditors take legal action against you in an effort to get the money they are owed. If you are unable to pay your bills, whether due to a cash flow problem or an income problem, having your wages garnished will only further compound your situation. You need the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney in a situation such as this.

The Harford County bankruptcy lawyers at The Law Office of John P. Downs have many years experience representing clients in bankruptcy matters such as wage garnishment. We know the laws and are familiar with the bankruptcy courts and the bankruptcy system. Rest assured, as your bankruptcy lawyer we will take the time to explain the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as the pros and cons of each.

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Wage Garnishment and the IRS

If you are facing having your wages garnished due to federal, state or county tax debt our attorneys can help as we have the experience to effectively negotiate with the IRS and other government organizations on your behalf. This can result in a reduction, or possible elimination, of the wage garnishment in exchange for setting up a payment plan.

Wage Garnishment and Child Support

If you are facing wage garnishment due to child support arrears our attorneys can help with that as well. It is important to note that while filing for personal bankruptcy can end creditor and IRS payroll garnishment, it does not end wage garnishment for child support. If you are simply unable to pay court ordered support payments, modification of the court order may be necessary. Once retained, our bankruptcy attorneys will aggressively represent your needs in court to help ensure that your child support payments are reasonable.

A debtor’s obligation to pay debts can be fulfilled through wage garnishment. Unfortunately, this often creates a greater financial burden on the debtor and their family. At The Law Office of John P. Downs we routinely help clients file for bankruptcy in order to end wage garnishment and obtain debt relief. Please do not hesitate to contact our Maryland bankruptcy lawyers today for a free initial consultation.

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