Bel Air Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyers

In today’s economy residents of Harford County, Maryland may hit hard times financially at some point in their lives. These difficult times may be the culmination of various life altering situations such as:


Being In An Accident Or Sustaining Personal Injury

Mounting Medical Bills

Loss Of Job

Change In Lifestyle

Only you can decide when is the best time to consider filing a bankruptcy. It is not always the most comfortable situation to go through but is sometimes for the best.

If you are enduring severe financial strain and are interested in a way out please call the Bel Air Bankruptcy Attorneys at The Law Offices of John P. Downs. With many years experience handling bankruptcy cases in Maryland they have the skills and knowledge to help you make the most informed decision possible. Call them today and start getting your financial life back on track. The Bel Air Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyers at The Law Offices of John P. Downs can be reached at (410) 838-0100. Or, email the firm here.

Types Of Maryland Bankruptcies

In Maryland, as in other states there are several bankruptcy options. Some are more complex than others, and some are more costly than others. Each bankruptcy case is unique and should be tailored to your specific financial goals and needs. Some bankruptcy options allow you to keep certain possessions and others do not. A qualified Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you choose the best possible option. Types of personal bankruptcies in Maryland are:

Chapter 7

Chapter 13

Benefits Of Claiming Bankruptcy In MD

The time period between getting overwhelmed by your debt and actually claiming bankruptcy can be several long, tedious and exhausting years. Once you retain a bankruptcy lawyer they can act on your behalf and make the harassing phone calls stop. You will feel empowered knowing you are taking action in an effort to regain control of your finances and your life. You will also breathe a little easier knowing that there is an end in sight. Once the bankruptcy is discharged you get a fresh start and can get your life back on track.

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