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Bankruptcy is a legal declaration that someone who owes money to others, whether for a home or for credit card debt, cannot repay that debt. Many people who are on the verge of going broke from personal debt, student loans or even from corporate debt have plenty of questions about their bankruptcy filing options. Since bankruptcies and the laws regulating them will vary greatly from state to state, getting professional help from an attorney who can give you information can make this a much easier process and may also help offer you protection of your existing assets while you are filing.

The three most common types of filings to help relieve debt include Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 and 13 are usually used for personal bankruptcy and Chapter 11 typically involves business debt. Petitioners need to be aware that all of their information will become public record, and that this complicated process needs to be done correctly from the start or it could cost you your bankruptcy ruling. Bankruptcy Attorney John P. Downs can ensure you file for bankruptcy correctly and can help you work with your debt and your assets to get you back on the road to financial solvency.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Defend Your Rights

Many people are surprised to learn that criminal charges can be as small as shoplifting or as serious as a federal charge for fraud. What isn’t surprising is that each state in the United States has specific guidelines about the charges and that this entire process – regardless of the charges – is complicated and often very confusing to the parties involved. A low cost attorney is a terrific option for people facing local, state or federal criminal charges and this is often the only way to get the legal help needed to ensure you are entitled to a fair representation. Whether the charges are for misdemeanor theft or for federal money laundering, an attorney is crucial. John P. Downs is a seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer here in Maryland. Call his Law Office at 410-398-0313 or email him to retain his services for your pending criminal charges.

Depending on the types of criminal charges, an investigator may be hired to help determine all of the aspects of the case. The types of criminal charges that top the list of common offenses include:

  • DUI
  • Fraud
  • Tax charges
  • Assault
  • Drug charges

Clearly, there are many types of crimes that can fit into the criminal charges category. This is yet another reason why having an attorney can make such a big difference – they are veterans with dealing with many kinds of charges and can offer a versatile defense.  At the Law Firm of John P. Downs, our Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys will work hard to reduce your sentence or minimize your charges to the fullest extent of our abilities.

Arrested on Drunk Driving Charges in Maryland?

DUI, or Driving while Under the Influence, is one of the most common types of charges. In the state of Maryland, even a first conviction of drunk driving could lead to one year in jail and additional stiff fines and penalties and those with repeated offenses can cost someone their license and land them in jail for up to four years. Typically, if someone finds themselves pulled over by the police at checkpoints and they are drunk or appear to be intoxicated by alcohol or some other substance they will have the option of a BAC test or a field sobriety test. A BAC test will indicate the amount of alcohol in the blood. A positive result will usually lead to an arrest, even if you have no criminal record.

Depending on the charges and the past history of the driver, the penalties for a misdemeanor DUI may only involve taking driving classes or a school to help improve decision-making. A felony charge may lead to a stint in jail, however. An attorney is often the only source of hope to untangle the complicated legal requirements for a DUI case and may be the best shot toward avoiding harsher penalties. John P. Downs is a seasoned Maryland DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer with the experience you need in a legal defender.

Minimize the Hassle of Traffic Tickets with a Maryland Traffic Violation Attorney

Many people may sneer at worrying about traffic violations and think that getting tickets is no big deal, but what they may not realize is that even the most minor charge for a moving violation can have consequences later on down the pipeline. Repeated offenses in the state of Maryland are something taken very seriously and regardless of whether your charge is for a misdemeanor or not, you will have to appear in court. You cannot simply mail in a check and be done with the problem. The state of Maryland has very little understanding for traffic violations.

An attorney can help for charges that include:

  • DUI
  • DWI
  • Speeding tickets
  • Revoked license
  • Hit and run
  • Vehicular manslaughter or homicide

Essentially, any charge that involves a driver and a moving vehicle is a moving violation and one that involves a non-moving vehicle falls into a different category. An attorney can ensure that you receive the correct defense for your specific case and will be able to provide seasoned counsel from the time of the charges until your day in court. Essentially, they are an advocate that helps ensure that you receive the very best chance of a good defense for these types of charges. Call 410-398-0313 to speak with Maryland Traffic Crime Defense Lawyer John P. Downs about your pending traffic violation ticket.

Drug Crime Lawyers Working Hard for You

As with any state, Maryland is quite strict with drug related charges. According to some statistics, drug charges and substance addiction charges are very common issues in this state. However, it is important for those facing possible sentencing to remember that in the state of Maryland in some cases, possession of marijuana is relegated to a smaller misdemeanor offense while other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and abused prescription drugs can still net federal interest and much stiffer penalties.

College students busted with a quarter of marijuana may not think that they should be treated like a member of the drug war, but any charges will reflect on your record for a long time and all should be treated seriously. An attorney is often able to help with getting their client the correct professional help for their drug abuse issues as well as dealing with the legal matters involved with any drug charges. For many people, a drug charge can haunt them for their lifespan, but an attorney can help ensure that you receive every opportunity to turn a mistake into a quality life’s lesson. Since each charge will be determined on a case by case basis, you need legal representation to ensure you receive a fair chance.  The Narcotic Defense Lawyers at the Law Firm of John P. Downs can help you. Call their Maryland office at 410-398-0313 immediately if you’ve been arrested for a drug crime. For a free consultation, email Drug Crime Defense Attorney John P. Downs.

Violent Crime Attorneys for Juvenile and Adult Cases

Within the United States, each state is able to follow specific laws that determine crimes and criminal charges for individuals accused of those crimes. According to some sources, Maryland has one of the highest rate ratios of violent crimes in the United States, and these crimes can involve anything from stabbing, domestic violence, gang activities, family crimes, crimes in the workplace or even sexual assaults. The FBI states that violent crimes involve:

  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Robbery

When someone has been charged with any type of violent crime, whether it is against women, men or children, the courts will look at the history of that person being charged. This has a great deal to do with the outcome, since many courts frown upon repeat offenders and this often brings a stiffer penalty. Whether you have stolen video games or have been involved with sexual assault, it is still a good idea to seek qualified legal representation to ensure that the odds are evened for a more successful outcome. The stiff penalties for violent crimes in Maryland really do require that you get qualified legal counsel to help you through all the steps in this complicated and often frightening process. By hiring an experienced Assault Lawyer from the Law Office of John P. Downs, you can ensure you are taking the appropriate precautions and steps in guarding your future. Call the John P. Downs Law Firm in Maryland by dialing 410-398-0313 or email us to set up your free initial consultation.

Family Law Attorneys for Your Divorce, Custody and Child Support Case

With the divorce rates in the United States at well over 50%, it should come as no surprise that many attorneys today are involved in helping solve child custody issues, asset division and even problems with domestic violence. Maryland family law attorneys are those that work with many areas involving the division or change of the family unit. This can include enforcing visitation rights, dividing the assets after a divorce, seeking visitation through court supervision and much more.

Few people expect to end up in the midst of nasty divorce, and yet it happens all too easily and can leave permanent bruises to the people involved and their financial resources. An attorney who specializes in family law can work with all aspects of this issue from financial issues to problems working out a fair custody arrangement. Truly, while anyone can file for divorce on their own, if children or property are involved, hiring an attorney is just about the only way to ensure a fair settlement and that all parties are heard. A divorce is hard on anyone, and the more issues there are to settle, the more complicated the process. An attorney can act as a buffer and a source of help. John P. Downs is a Maryland Family Law Attorney with a wealth of experience handling divorce cases, child support and custody matters, and even domestic violence issues. By calling his Law Firm at 410-398-0313, you can set up an appointment, or you can email the firm here.

Juvenile Justice System in Maryland

Juvenile law deals with those considered to be a minor, or those under the age of 18 years. However, this is not always a hard and fast rule because, depending on the charges, the person involved and the nature of the crime, some minors can also be tried as adults. The procedure involved with juvenile delinquency is rarely simple, and these cases will often take into account everything from the social status of the person involved, their family income and the social factors that have been at play for this particular case.

The ages of those involved do play a part, but so does the nature of the crime and few minors want to face a life in prison or their youth spent in a detention center. Each state and even each jurisdiction will have a very different outlook in regard to the crime and the charges, and the court may be lenient or not. This is why an attorney can be such a crucial element in the outcome. An attorney may be the only option for avoiding juvenile hall or worse and can help you seek justice. Don’t give up hope if you’re facing Maryland Juvenile Court – get help from a qualified attorney.  Call Elkton Juvenile Defense Lawyer John P. Downs by dialing 410-398-0313 if you or your minor child is facing charges for drugs, underage DUI, assault, shoplifting, traffic tickets or any other crime. You can also email his Maryland office directly to set up your first appointment.